our resistance training bands are made with the strongest anti snap technology

D.G.S. works by using an extremely strong internal rope that limits the band from stretching beyond it's snapping point threshold. The compressed rope is around four times the length of the band and is attached securely at the ends. When the inner rope is fully stretched out, it stops. With the strongest continuous dipped Malaysian Latex, each band is nearly impossible to snap, and rendered stronger when used with multiple other bands simultaneously.

check out our live home gym workout video series

We have a free workout video series to keep you on track and stay motivated. The concept behind progressive resistance training is of course progression, so when you do your workouts, the idea is to slowly add more resistance while keeping the reps the same. Transforming your body is a result of being consistent with your workout regimen. You'll be consistent if working out is fun and convenient. And this couldn't possibly be any more fun or convenient!

we offer an mma training combo deal

MMA is about having heart, instinct, technique, a strong chin, and improvising/adapting to your opponent, but without SPEED, AGILITY, ENDURANCE, STRENGTH, AND POWER those things mean nothing! We got you fully covered. Our high resistance training bands can be used to simulate fast-rep punches and kicks, as well as doing running bouts with bands around your waist, and a partner behind you to pull you back as you power forward.

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